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After years of frustration, hundreds of nail holes and dry wall repair the Picture Perfect Hanger® was invented.

"I had just spent hours trying to hang and level a collection of family pictures. My wife was mad, I was mad - I needed adjustable picture hangers so I invented and patented the Picture Perfect Hanger®”

Dean N. Greve' - Inventor

U.S. Patent No. 8376308
U.S. Patent No. 9370267
Pat. Pending #15/187,720
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    This is one tough plastic hanger, designed to hold up to a 6 lb picture with a single strip. Heavier picture, just snap on a second strip and hold up to 10lbs The unique patented design actually makes the picture hanger stronger once a picture frame is mounted on the hook. The weight of the picture frame drives the teeth of the hook into the strip further securing the picture hanger to the hanging strip.
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    When hanging heavy frames it's suggested to use 2-Picture Perfect Hanger® strips. Just snap the second strip on and adjust the hooks to the same level. Because these picture hangers are so easy to adjust you'll have no trouble getting your picture frame level. It couldn't be easier!
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    This adjustable picture hanger was specifically designed and patented to work with all picture hanging hardware. Whether using a standard picture hanger wire, a sawtooth hanger or large D-ring the Picture Perfect Hanger® will do the job. No other picture hanger available on the market today is more versatile or easier to use. Strong, Secure & designed to work with your picture hanging hardware.
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    Here's the best news of all. Once you have mounted the picture hanger to the wall no more tools are needed. To adjust just slide the picture hook up, down, left or right with a gentle touch of your finger! Yes, it's that easy!
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    YES!! The Picture Perfect Hanger® can and should replace your old fashioned picture hanging hooks. With an adjustable picture hanger behind every frame you have the option to change frames, re-organize groups of pictures, or add new frames to a family gallery wall without the hassle and frustration of the old style hooks. With an adjustable picture hook, changing picture frames is easy & fast. Just hang your frame and adjust the hook to the perfect position. It's a revolution in picture hanging!

People love the Picture Perfect HangerĀ®

It's genius, nothing is simplier or easier to adjust.
Melinda Gleason
This is the most innovative picture hanger I've ever used.
Jim Gatward
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