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Adjust picture hanger with the touch of a finger

Tips on How to Hang Level Pictures

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How to hang picture groups
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See how EASY this picture hanger is to use and adjust

Hang and Level Multiple Pictures

Easy way to hang level pictures

Hanging a Single Picture Frame

Perhaps the best tip for hanging larger single frame pictures, make sure to leave the same spacing at the top of the picture frame as the bottom. It's also advisable to use at least 2-picture hangers, placed parallel to one another, to distribute the weight of the picture frame evenly.

Picture Perfect Hanger® is designed to give you the optimal amount of adjustment up or down left or right making it easy to hang large picture frames level & straight. See how it works...
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Designers secret of how to hang and level pictures is adjustable picture hanging hardware. It may be a designer's picture hanging tip but nothing is as quick and simple as the "Picture Perfect Hanger®". Never worry again if your picture hook is in the right place.

Don't measure! Don't lay it out on the floor first! Don't waste your time!!

Decide where your picture frame should go, mount the
adjustable picture hook to the wall and hang your artwork or picture.

If you need to move it up or down, left or right just slide the hook to the perfect position in seconds your picture frame is hung
level and straight

How to hang two pictures side by side

Hanging picture frames which are the same size and dimension can be done in several ways.

The most common is to have all of the picture frames with identical space between the frames and matching space to whatever is below them. You may also want to consider offsetting the frames as shown in the picture to the right.

With the wall narrowing towards the top this is a great way to fill in an awkward space using identical frames. Use an adjustable picture hanger to easily Hang and Level each frame.
hanging picture frames in pairs

Hang and Level a Gallery Wall

When hanging picture frames in large groups, try mixing both the size of the frames, the frame color as well as the matting and framing material.

As you can see in the picture to the right, using larger pictures in the center and top allows you to work down and out utilizing progressively smaller frames the further away from the center you go.

Using the Picture Perfect Hanger® allows you to quickly and easily adjust any of these pictures left, right, up or down…even move them around, to get a different look, without ever moving the picture hanging hook. See how it works…
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